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My approach

While working with a client I never impose my ideas as being “trendy” or “designer-style”. All I do is guiding people in hearing their preferences and bring them to life, whilst observing style, color, lightning etc. Each one of us has his/her own esthetic taste. We all want to live in an environment where we personally feel comfortable and homey. Trends are capricious and transient. High-fashion articles go out of style just as fast. Trendy furniture makers have to produce even newer models, so whatever used to be stylish last night is not so much today.

Personally I prefer items with a history. I prefer those objects that don’t scream, but talk, or silently observe. They add an element of life to the interior. They are not cold empty interior details. You want to touch them with your hands, you want to look at them, they don’t distract attention, and they complete the works of creation.

An interior is one of a kind only if most of it is done together with you, the story of your life, with objects that used to belong to your family generations. Interior décor fills the space with strong energy that has a favourable effect on its owner. Any designer worth his salt must seize their client’s taste, their personality. He or she must execute the project in a tight contact with the client.

“Homes, as people, have their own soul and features that reflect their inner selves”.

A. Dumas Sr.

What is an interior, actually? Let’s turn to the dictionary. “Interior (originating from intérieur (fr.) – inner) is a decoration of a building’s inner spacing, according to the architectural and artistic views, that is executed with the means of creating favorable living conditions”.

Interior initiatives are determined via functional settings of the rooms, and include artistic ideas and solutions. Interior design is made up out of the three elements:

  • Building carcass – floor, walls, ceiling;
  • Contents of the rooms – electronics, furniture;
  • Décor elements that form and fill up the space to create se nsible psychological atmosphere.

When starting work on a project I attempt to connect these three variables to create a wholesome picture of your home: so that every piece of furniture, every decoration detail doesn’t contradict overall concept, but maximally completes it.

Whilst starting work on a new project I make a step into its story. The historical and natural house or apartment surroundings are important to me. I look back, not by several years, but by several tens of years. I tend to understand and realize wishes of the home owners, and I must be sure that my own preferences are not in the way when choosing design and decoration of the dwelling. I don’t burden the space with fashionable details, but bring style to it, because the fashion (as fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev puts it) – is passing, but the style is eternal.

I cannot imagine a room interior design fully complete with just the new items. It doesn’t sound right to me. I need to intertwine it with its owners’ history – using old family photographs, beautiful grandma’s cupboard, a charming chest, naïve embroidering. These objects carry the warmth of the soul and memories of those people who love you; they magnify home’s energy, and they are its guardians. The main thing is to find a corresponding place for each one.