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My work principles

Please do not think that the right decision will be found easily and without any efforts. Planning and style have meters of sketches, solutions, trips, searches. There are days of fittings that I consider of high importance. The color of the tile will never look in your home the way it does in the showroom. The same goes for paints, finishing, plaster. It is only in the project format, under different lightings that one can achieve some decent results while choosing any product. For many people a designer is a posh person that spends all his or her work days in beautiful shops. For me it’s not so. Much of my time I spend at the “construction site”, choosing the best idea options to the given problem. No computer projects, no pretty pictures can stand for practical work on the project that results in the finding out space nuances, wiring features and aftermath of the created interior design. Did the last phrase bring a smile to your face? It shouldn’t. One may suggest the most radical designer approach - but will it be practical, comfortable, not bothering you during usage? Will the materials and objects that your designer offers be reliable? The question of practicality and reliability stands above the design for me. Apartment, house design – it’s foremost a question of creating comfort for those who are to live in it.

It’s not necessary to follow the path of choosing furniture and finish that I suggest. You can propose your own options for suppliers, materials etc. I am not a furniture selling manager, I don’t sell any furniture, or fabrics, or chandeliers. In my recommendations I only rely on my years of experience working with reliable suppliers, which helps to save time and money. And my mission is, first of all, to create a stylish, warm-to-heart, harmonious interior.

Among interior products and suppliers there are lots of companies that offer almost the same, but at different prices. I can help you to make the right choice, in regard to your budget and preferences.

Houses are alike people. Each one has its personality, its history. One is modest, but reliable and durable. Another is respectable and to the view…. One wants to be fully renewed, start a new life, get rid of the old things in life, it wants all the new, the trendy, the bright. The other only wants little changes, carefully cherishing the old but dear to the heart things, having found them a new worthy place.