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Modern Italian classic with Arca

Morning is coming. You are wake from your dream. Just a few minutes and you are already in your kitchen making some coffee or your favourite tee, cook breakfast for your relatives and yourself, and than communicate with each other and enjoy the life.

For me, kitchen is a place where I can create delicious meals, it’s unusual place where family often gather together in home atmosphere to lead the time having breakfast, dinner or supper, It is a place with no fantasy limits, a place where the most pleasant, sweet and unforgettable smells are concentrated. And you should agree that it’s not an easy thing to choose the most suitable option for your future kitchen.


Classic makes the style

Italian “Arca” kitchens are the kind of  classic which makes the style. The correct combination of luxury , elegancy, unique shapes and elements which flow smoothly in the general picture  of beauty and functionality.

The Company’s history starts from 1972 in Castello di Gadego city in the north of Italy from a small family workshop which originally produced tables, chairs, buffets and other traditional furniture. Production grew gradually and alone with it was the growth of  confidence and even admiration.

“Arca” got the world wide popularity through the production of luxury furniture which conquered the hearts of  Europeans. This success was achieved by high level of quality and elegant design. The inspiration came from the charming  style of Italys’ culture in XVII-XIX centuries. Today the company has 25 thousand m2 of industrial space where a special drying, wood polishing, painting  and decoration of future elite furniture are carrying out.

The quality of goods is provided by the combination of manual labour and newest technologies and also by it’s valuable breeds of wood. “Arca” furniture is first of all a “country” style, which hides in it an artificial aging effect of wood, stained glass, patina, darkened accessories and many others classical elements.

To create an original and high quality  elite furniture, factory uses mahogany walnut  and cherry, chestnut and oak, poplar and even a rare alder which is specially handled for “Arca”. Then the wood is processed and gets to experienced craftsmen who maintain a long tradition and seems like they give us a century spirit of Italian culture to every lucky owner.

Designers of this company don’t stop to amaze us and find out the most original and subtle decisions. “Arca” Kitchens from Italy – is a good assistant for every connoisseur of style, comfort and perfection in details.

кухня арка

It has left only to choose

There are standard solutions which will help you to choose the most convenient variant for the right kitchen planning.

1.    Linear kitchen suitable for extended places and allows to left a lot of free space.
2.    Kitchen with corner placement – this version is optimized for small-area premises.
3.    Island kitchen allows to make an additional island table, which can be used in different purposes.
4.    Two corners kitchen duplicates wall curves and fits for atypical places.
5.    Kitchen furniture in “П” form occupies 3 out of 4 walls, however location of doors and windows can prevent it’s implementation.  
6.    “Atoll” type cuisine . This is rather uncommon variant. It allows to concentrate all that is necessary for the person who cooks.

The choice of a kitchen may depend on a huge number of serious arguments and small insignificant factors. Are you really interested in classical wooden kitchens that are modern and original?

A huge range of kitchens “Arca” force you to approach the decision of this question with the maximal excitement and attention

The Italian “Arca” company doesn’t use particle board, plastic or laminate. All elements  are made of natural wood.


Area doesn’t have boards

Kitchen dimensions can be different. But the comfort factor while using it must be always presented.  Designer’s decision is able to amaze even the most refined gourmet. The combination of creative designer’s idea and ultra quality Italian kitchen “Arca” create the taste of victory  and moments of  admiration which last for years.

It seemed that the area of premises can restrict all fantasies. However, “Arca” are modern and classical kitchens from Italy, the diversity of which allows to find all that is necessary for the decision of most difficult tasks.

Professional planning

Each place has it’s specificity and features. It is also necessary to include the membership of your family, and its life-style. They are exactly those who are the key factor in selection the correct design of premises.

Only a skillful master who is a specialist in his field can make design of a kitchen. That’s why before buying a kitchen you should firstly apply for experienced designer which is able to imagine the picture of a future room only having a glance on the outline of the place.

Of course, designer always consider your own opinion. “Arca” always give you a possibility to realize the project with high precision, to implement your fantasies and desires in reality.

It’s important that kitchen estimation is provided in shortest terms.
Unforgettable feelings of warmth and calmness


What kitchen colour would you choose?

Colour should definitely harmonise with kitchen elements, which at the same time would supplement with general apartment design. Kitchen colours can conciliate you due to its harmony, it doesn’t fatigue and it will please your eye every day.

“Arca” – are gentle and warm tones of wood. “Arca” kitchens will allow you to make it the main highlight of your flat interior.

Comfort and conveniences

Kitchen should be cosy, comfortable, it should satisfy your family features and placement as well. While in the kitchen you should feel yourself  comfortable and light.

Only “Arca” kitchens originate the feeling of freedom and style originality, the feeling of home comfort  and maximal convenience.

кухни Arca

Durability and reliability

All materials should be durable and resistant to water, steam, detergents, high temperatures and so on, because even one broken detail could bring a lot of troubles.
And therefore factory masters worked on every detail. Along with every kitchen there comes a special set of restoration which includes the same paint colour of your kitchen.

I can speak long about the quality and reliability of Italy’s furniture. Words of admiration, delight feelings and even the name itself bring us to make choice in “Arca” favour.

“Arca” is a company which is ready to gift you a furniture for your living room, office room, bedrooms, baby furniture for your children and a lot of joy from using Italian masterpieces.

Designer knows how to help

A huge range makes you to think carefully before you decide what to buy and what is the most suitable fro your kitchen. And you can’t really do without professional designer’s help, a man who is able to turn any of your corners, even the smallest room, into hospitable, cosy, warm and affable place.

Designer will help you to make right colour choice, determine your elements layout in the kitchen, underline your singularity and originality, make your kitchen the place of culinary delights creation, it will be a place with the atmosphere of love, understanding and sincerity to your household.

(С) Iryna Volkova