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This history began in early 1980s when the little dark-eyed guy used to run off from school  lessons in order to go to the antique shops of Mare and Saint Germain-de-Pres…. Passing the Paris streets, leading to his cherished places,  he was thinking about the hobby that he would devote his life to search for the unique things-witnesses of the ancient times and bring them into his shop in Paris. Special  interest caused wood, with its veins, cracks and scratches, which took in a spirit of the times by its marks. From childhood he decided to become an antique dealer. But not like all around!  He knew that virtually all of the antique dealers buy low sell high and, often, the last sale is 5-6 hand. He knew that this is his hobby, which became his life. He doesn't want to buy, going against the interests of the client, and becoming, at last, the antique stock merchant…


It has always considered that the relationship between the two professionals is better than a relationship between merchant and professional. And  long time after then,  there was a lot of travelling around the world. First, all roads lead to India, and then, within a few years, they finally resulted. One day he made his first purchase- twos which he gathered for 2 days. Further interesting things  for home and interior design&decoration were found in Rajasthan state. All findings are made of  Thierry’s thousands of kilometers of flights, travels, predictions and  doubts,  whether any old thing would suite to its customer’s interiors or not… Step by step, the company has become well known both in Europe and America as well as on the tropical islands. First showroom, which was very successful, was situated at an old farm near Paris. container

Many customers love to decorate their island homes and villas interiors with ancient chests, tables, Buddhas, vazes and ancient artifacts. One thing that has found the best place  in the Interior of the apartment, decides everything. For many people first antique buying gives birth to an entire collection. … And it happened in China, when once he went there. And since then his heart, the heart of European, belongs to this amazing, diverse, mysterious country. It is impossible not to have a table of the old charm of fossilized tree trunks, Chinese cabinets, chests, statuettes. But still, you might ask why China? Why wooden things?


Because he loves everything unique. Sometimes to find the one special you need to find the one hundred. And the truth is, unique things began to fade, the time has come when they find it increasingly difficult to find … Thierry  has a very good eye and a lot of criteria for evaluating things. He "feels" thing  and at once can determine its value. He said that everything in the house is the question of harmony. Harmony with the timeless natural materials. The tables are shamelessly easy. This is the simplest form, which has been in existence for thousands of years-table top, feet ... the secret of this form that it can be located anywhere in the interior, versatile furniture is always better. This is such a "timeless" furniture-beyond time, out of fashion, outside of all. This is a real wooden Table. With the correct aspect ratio, color wood texture. This stuff is without pronounced "nationality", when You look at them, You understand, that they're not purely Chinese. They may be inherited. And the ancient wood  will transfer the warmth of Your hands to Your future descendants... 


(C) Iryna Volkova