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The most deserved French selective company – Diptyque- was founded in 1960’s in Paris by friends Yemes Kuslam, Desmond Knox-Leet and Khristian Gotro. Quite difficult in pronunciation Diptyque company deals with rather difficult business, it produces “selective perfume”, which is deserved through all over the world. The same iterative story – the accidental perfume recipe foundation of the XVI century in ancient folio which was the basement for the first brand product – L’Eau (or just “Water”). Its aroma included geranium, cinnamon, cloves, delicate rose and sandalwood. Then there was created another set of  popular flavors such as cheerful strawberry – citrus aroma Oyedo, fig Philosykos and spicy pink Opone.

Продукция Deptique

Diptyque is not just a legend. During its existence period, Diptyque brand has become a cult french perfume house. Presidents, fashion elite, superstars, all of them like those elegant perfume and aromas which were created with love. In 1961 the founders of Diptyque opened textile salon of hand coloring. Originally the idea was to sell cotton materials. Unfortunately French people didn’t appreciate this idea. Then the designers came up with original way – they started to sell candles alone with fabric which harmonized with bright and saturated material colors. Thus in 1963 were created first perfume candles with pine and hawthorn smell. The experiment was extremely successful. Diptyque Aroma candles and perfumes gradually gained worldwide popularity and were loved by millions of fans. Today Diptyque collection has approximately 48 aromas and it is still the largest collection in the world.

Продукция DeptiqueПродукция Deptique

Diptyque house has a lot of famous and influential customers. Naomi Campbell, Princess Diana, Karl Lagerfeld, Claudia Schiffer,  Donatella Versace, Kate Moss, Elton John, Elizabeth Hurley, Catherine Deneuve, John Galliano – this is just a small list of famous people who love Diptyque.

Продукция Deptique

Diptyque  Perfumery includes not only perfumes and cologne water but also special perfume candles which include rare and unusual ingredients of natural origin. I want to underline that all Diptyque production differs by its uniqueness with its luxury and success smell. Once you get this perfumes, you get the magic recipe for success and magnificence. Alone with Diptyque you find yourself in rich and luxury world. 

                            Продукция DeptiqueПродукция Deptique

Natural origin of all essences which Diptyque uses, valuable ingredients which are almost impossible to remove – this is all that makes Diptyque smells a cult.

(С) Iryna Volkova