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Says, plays and sings

My soul so often says, plays and sings, when I see the future design of the house or apartment once again. It seems like I imagine myself in this enchanting room beforehand, where the silence is diluted gentle and quiet tones of music which flow smoothly  into the atmosphere of silence and style…

Music often accompanies us through the whole life, it’s essential for music to wake us in the morning, to provide us a good mood throughout the day and it helps us to relax and to be calm when it is necessary.

I couldn’t pass through such wonderful, stylish and interesting thing like this radio made by all the canons of retro style.

Crystal Blixman big

Roberts Radio’s surprising classic

In honor of 75th anniversary “Roberts Radio” Company gave this world a unique result of one of the achievements of mankind in a new guise – a series of exclusive retro radios. They are so beautiful and original that you couldn’t just pass through. You think about how would it add your overall design of living room, kitchen or bedroom even you haven’t bought it yet. You can take it with you on a walk, to a countryside, place it in your office where I would please your eye not just for it’s sound quality but also for it’s trim. Special attention should be given to the trim. It includes leather, textile, stresses and even piano lacquer paint. This thing connects retro style and high digital technology. Digital technology helps to achieve high quality sound and helps to fix the maximum signal strength. It eliminates the noise, clutters and other drawbacks which analog receivers have.

Pastelgreen Blixman big              Revival DAB RD50 Cath_Kidson

Revival-DAB (RD 60)

An icon of style, “Revival” receiver style, this is a retro nostalgia for 1950s with its excellent qualities of digital receiver. With its wide colour range it is good not only for its design but also sounds great. It works in the range of LW/MW/FM waves. It needs only 4 batteries and completely can work from the circuit. Completed in leather trim and has a several brothers in different color interpretations. Now with battery workable for 120 hours.               

Revival FM+DAB Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston – a British designer famous for its vintage floral patterns presents this new stylish radio. This is a limited edition of receivers with bright prints and gold-plated parts, named “Electric Flowers” determines a new design in which vintage combines with modernity. Nice tones and wooden body, made in style of 60-s will provide you with quality sound and will allow you to listen to FM/DAB waves. This retro device equipped with a small but bright display with pleasant amber highlight. It has a possibility to work from the socket and from 4 batteries. That’s why you can always take it with you.

Revival DAB Piano Gloss Black(RD60BK)

Piano black lacquer trim is something special! Stylish, elegant, eye-catching design! This thing is for real music gourmet. Now the handle is turned and the soft sounds of Dizzy Gillespie’s saxophone or Louis Armstrong’s pipe are heard and you are drown in your favourite leather chair next to the coffee table…

Revival DAB Stainless Steel-RD 50

Stainless-steel trim – it’s unusual, original, stylish! Extraordinary guise and at the same time all qualities of a digital receiver, also “Pause” function to 40 minutes! Now you’ll never miss your favourite programme, world boxing championship or football match!

Crystal Edition with a sense of delight, 1001 nights…

This is a real exclusive, captivating model. It can serve as a good gift for relatives and for yourself. It combines design, high quality materials and handicraft. This model is encrusted with crystals Swarovski. It’s the style of the 50s. The original wooden body. Excellent sound.
Revival DAB RD50 stainless steel
This all includes fortune gift from Roberts Radio.

I know how to amaze you!

(C) Iryna Volkova